Thursday, May 25, 2006

Gimme Your Stuff

This looks like fun!

Gimme Your Stuff

This is a link to a cultural exchange blog. Check it out.
I live in upstate New York and here's what I can offer for swap from this area:

Dinosaur BBQ sauces (mmm, mmm good)
Different kinds of cooking sauces, oils, etc.
Grandma Brown Baked Beans
REAL maple syrup
Syracuse University stuff
(hats, mugs, pins, school mascot, etc - or something from the School of Art and Design)
Older design magazines
1000 Islands dressing, 1000 Island souvenirs
River Rat cheese
Locally made honey- honey sticks, honey butter
New York state wines (Finger Lakes region)
State Fair Spedie Sauce (for beef or chicken)
Chocolate Covered Potato Chips
Crafting supplies
Magazines, books

Anything else you want? I'll do my best to get it!


Rikki said...

Hi Lisa,
thanks for joining Gimme Your Stuff!
That's some great stuff you've put up, good luck!

ThomP said...

OOOOOO River Rat Cheese sounds good! Does it live up to its name??? Are there any New York specific types of Candy???

lisa said...

Maple sugar candy is made in NY. There is also a local candy company that makes chocolate covered potato chips. and yes, River Rat cheese lives up to its name!

Danielle Lemons said...

Hello! I would love to try some chocolate covered potato chips! I live in Arizona so if there's anything you're willing to trade let me know! I can get Mexican candy, foods, spices, ect. Along with anything else you may be interested in. My e-mail is

ThomP said...

I would LOVE to do a swap for some river rat cheese and some chocolate covered chips!!! YES YES YES!!! Milo is the heaven sent holy father of all milk drink addatives!!! And Vegemite is the holy mother of australian spreadables! I propose a swap of chocolate covered chips and river rat cheese (+suprise item) for a Tin of Milo and a jar of vegemite (+suprise Item)!!! Whadda ya say??

ThomP said...

PS. Drop Me an email so we can do this!


lisa said...

You're both on for a trade!

Danielle, I'd love some vanilla from Mexico and maybe some hot sauce.

ThomP, sounds like an excellent trade.

I'll email you both tomorrow!

rzdesign said...

Yo Thomp!

I am up for a trade. I am in Chicago here and have lots of good stuff. All I want is some lollies from Suga, specifically the Rock Mix! They have locations in Chadstone, the Roayl Arcade, Southland, Southgate and Queen Victoria Market!

I have tried emailing them several times to order but they never respond. You can reach me at!

lisa said...

hey Richard-

join in on http// (click on the picture on my post). There is no one on for Chicago yet and you DO have lots of good stuff to trade!

Lori Witzel said...

Will swap something from The School of Art and Design for something graphically unusual from Mexico (via Texas, o' course) and/or a gimme cap.


m ss ng v w l said...

The beer swap sounds good.. Although if u'd prefer some Aus wine?? Im a tad busy this week with uni but next week looks good 2 start the swap.. email me @

lisa said...

Lori - sounds good! let me think on what to swap from there. (what is a gimme cap?)

Mone said...

hi Lisa, I would love to have some maple syrup. Is there anything you would like to get from Germany?

esta's bookmarks said...

Hello Lisa,
I am looking for a postcard from that famous NY toy store. Sorry I don't know its name, but it has been seen in a home alone movie.


lisa said...

I believe you're thinking of FAO Schwarz. I don't get to the city that often but next time I am there will see if they have one. I've been in the store several times but don't recall seeing postcards. anything else from there you'd like?

Anonymous said...


I'm from Singapore, and I'd love to do a swap with you!

I'd like to try some chocolate covered potato chips, and perhaps some locally made honey products.
And maybe a T-shirt from the University?

In return, I can get you stuff like local snacks, or Japanese ones if you're interested.

Hope to hear from you soon!

hazel said...

helo. i would realy love to swap with you. please send me back an email. i am hazel, and i'm from the philippines.

i would wait for you rreply. thank you, thank you.

God speed :)

MIAO&EUSON said...

hello lisa! (:

im interested to swap with you! would love to have:
Dinosaur BBQ sauce
REAL maple syrup
Syracuse University stuff mascot
State Fair Spedie Sauce
Chocolate Covered Potato Chips

pls check out my blog to see if theres anything i can offer you from singapore/japan/korea.
hope to hear from you soon!


Anonymous said...

hi Lisa,
would you care to swap with Spain? let me know and we can arrange something. i'm only a mail list member of gimmeyourstuff so i'm sorry i don't have a blog you can check...
if you're interested in swapping, just email me to aviones

lisa said...

yes I would love to swap! could you send me your full email address though?

me, myself + mIcHeLLe said...

hie there would u lk to swap? pls do contact me on msn or just simple drop me an email. msn would b much faster. thank u and hope to hear frm u!

btw im from malaysia~

Anonymous said...

Hello there, I'm Joanna from Singapore.

My list of items for swap can be found here: If interested, do email me, okay? :)!

I sure hope to hear from you :)


Kit said...

Hi my name is Kit and I'm from the US (North Carolina) I am interested in swapping with you! I am originally from New England and miss home - so I am looking for items from the area as a sort of throw back to my days there. If you would trade with me I would love it!

View my post at:

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