Friday, May 12, 2006


While in London we went to the Design Museum.
The Designer of the Year competition was taking place.
Four very cool designers.
You can check them out here.
Although not the one I voted for, I loved Jamie Hewlett's exhibition.

Jamie Hewlett, cult comic artist and co-creator of
Gorillaz produced a fiction-as-fact illusion
of the band through printed and onscreen presentations.
The virtual band members are Murdoc, 2D, Russel, and Noodle.
The debut album sold six million copies worldwide,
making gorillaz the most successful album ever by a virtual group.
For the 2005 launch of the 2nd album, Demon Days, the groups' live
performances were upgraded from 2D projections
into complex quasi-holographic performances in 3D.
Have a listen:


rzdesign said...

You loved Jamie Hewlett's work but did not vote for him? Why? I bet you voted for Cameron Sinclair! When we were there I voted for Paul Cocksedge, the way cool llighting designer, and he won. I have now voted for Jamie Hewlett.

lisa said...

You called that right!
So you know why he got my vote.

rzdesign said...

I can read you like a book. A book left open on a table with a bright light shining on it! LOL

Did you like what Sinclair did? Or was the vote for what he is doing? I admire the work he is doing but this is for DESIGNER of the year not humanitarian. There were better solutions at the SAFE exhibit at the MoMA that we saw. That is one of the reasons I would not have voted for him.

lisa said...

I loved what Sinclair did. He DESIGNED some great solutions and his designs are making a difference. yes what he is doing was a factor for me too.
I agree, there were excellent solutions at the SAFE exhibit but they were not part of this competition.

rzdesign said...

But his designs/solutions were not as great as what was in the SAFE exhibit. That is why I would not have voted for him. I had seen better.

Hewlett, however, is doing something new and moving things ahead in to the future. That is worth a vote to me.

lisa said...

And I believe Sinclair's designs work and make a nice humanitarian difference, which was worth a vote to me.

All four designers had merit.
I suppose that was why they were there? ;-)

rzdesign said...

Not HUMANITARIAN of the year. DESIGNER of the year!

We will just have to wait and see who wins!

lisa said...

DESIGNER of the year who is also a HUMANITARIAN.

The Guardian will probably win.

rzdesign said...

i do not care if he is the King of Siam! If his design don't do it. . .

This is a DESIGN competition. Not a HUMANITARIAN competition. Not a BEUTY competition. It is about DESIGN!

lisa said...

YOU voted for Jamie Hewlett - GOOD FOR YOU!

I voted for Cameron Sinclair - GOOD FOR ME!

We DO NOT have to agree on this.

Anonymous said...

lets have a shooting match...

rzdesign said...


I voted for a DESIGNER, you voted for a HUMANITARIAN.

lisa said...

OMG, you are cracking me up.

The Tart said...

Hey, I love Gorillaz!!! I saw them on the MTV Music Awards, so cool. Great post!

The Tart

BTW, so glad U loved the video of Mother's Day. Funny, my brother & I both got the video fm different people. We agreed it was just like our childhood. ; )