Saturday, October 28, 2006

A D.I.Y. Vase

I love vases, and this one is pretty clever.

deFlower Vase.

deFlower Vase is a simple way to add beauty and fragrance to any household, while also making it inherently dirty. The coloration of the glass is actually the work of multi-colored condoms wrapped over everyday juice glasses.
By Alexander Reh


vanessa said...

Finally, a good use for all this summer's mail. Best-case scenario, we both get a couple of these for Christmas. Worst-case, we don't.

Where on earth do you FIND this stuff? I love this blog.

Kate said...

now that's hillarious!

rzdesign said...

Josh Spear just posted on his blog the Milk Jug Chandelier!

lisa said...

V - another grrrrls weekend project, lol.

Hi Kate!

R - I love the milk jug chandelier too and the no-no knives. can't wait to see what else he comes up with.

Anonymous said...

haha that is too funny

btw thanks for stopping by my blog :)