Thursday, October 05, 2006

The Bonfire

The fire itself can put it out, and that by burning out,
and before it burns out it will have roared first
and mixed sparks with stars,
and sweeping round it with a flaming sword
made the dim trees stand back in wider circle—
from the bonfire by Robert Frost

Going to the river tommorrow.
The whole family (and then some) will be there.
Haven't been all together since July.
Probably the last time at camp until next spring
There's going to be full moon.
Clear, cold starry nights.
Did someone say bonfire?


rzdesign said...

Who brought the stump seats out there! Nice addition to the Rock!

lisa said...

the boys and I did. they work well. :-)

rzdesign said...

Are they going to get washed away? or will you bring them back to dry land? A good stump is hard to find!