Sunday, July 02, 2006

An idyllic retreat

This went up on the island last year.
I have yet to see anyone use it.
It is so peaceful and inviting.
I want to see someone take a book and chair and go read in it for the afternoon.
Or hang a hammock in it and nap.
Or sit in it at night and watch the moon on the water.
Or watch fireflies from it.
On the other hand, maybe it is a special secret meeting place
and that is why I haven't seen anyone there.
What is the story behind this idyllic retreat?


rzdesign said...

i could think of a story but it would be neither romantic or pleasant to explain it!

lisa said...

murder and mayhem?

rzdesign said...

in my mind I do believe it is an elaborate cover up for just that!

vanessa said...

A secret trysting spot for star-crossed lovers.

Or a drug drop-off point.

Depending on one's mood.

However, I volunteer for book-reading, hammock-hanging duty (no trysts or drugs). :-)

lisa said...

We are across the channel from Canada.
There is a dock that leads up to the gazebo.
Boats I don't know do seem to go in and out of there from time to time.

I like the drug drop off scenario.

Time to get my night vision binoculars out.

vanessa said...

I think we all (or should) have a gazebo like that in our lives, figurative or literal...a secret little place that we can choose to share, or not. With boats known or unknown, as we decide. A quiet place deep in the woods.

Here I am getting all prose-y when it might be just a Home Depot display.

lisa said...

That's one I didn't think of!

The Tart said...

Pure heaven, natch!

The Tart
; )