Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving!

Turkey Tip #1

When roasting a bird on the grill, do not leave it.
Not for a second.
Not for a minute
Especially not for 10 minutes.
Even if the grill is off.
Because things can happen.
Like an overflow of turkey juice
that can quickly light on fire
and your delicious Thanksgiving bird will not look like this.

It will look like this!


Kate said...

no no no no no!! please tell me that did not happen to you today (or at all!!). you poor sweety! happy thanksgiving! :)

rzdesign said...

Some may call that Blackened Turkey! Ayeeeeeee!

Just T said...

oh no .. is that YOUR pic or just a "this is what can happen" pic ??? please tell me that didn't happen to you .. we don't celebrate Thanksgiving here and usually roast chickens for Christmas, BUT I have heard those big Turkeys take FOREVER to cook .. hope that you had a wonderful day !!!

lisa said...

LOL! yes, that was a real turkey incident that happened two years ago. And it really did happen in the last 10 minutes of cooking. The grill was in flames! Luckily we had cooked an extra turkey breast in the oven so Thanksgiving dinner still happened.

rzdesign said...

It aint that bad T. An hour for every 4 pounds of bird!