Thursday, January 18, 2007

Zubrowka anyone?

Goin to a Polish party this weekend!
One where MUCH polish food will be served.
And much WODKA (voodkah) will be drunk(?), drank(?), drunken(?), consumed!

So in honor of the upcoming polish party I was searching the web for an appropriate cocktail or appetizer to bring and found a most interesting one.

Zubrowka - vodka infused with bison grass.
Touted as an aprodisiac and a potent agent for virility.
Said to be as delightful as listening to music in the moonlight.

And what can you make with bison grass vodka?
recipe is below

2 oz bison grass vodka
dash of lime juice
apple juice

Combine all ingredients over ice. Can serve with grated cinnamon.
More recipes here

Jak sobie pościelesz, tak się wyśpisz.
( How you make your bed, thus will you rest)


Just T said...

oooh someone is gonna have a headache lol

Sounds like a great party!

vanessa said...

I heard music, I saw moonlight, I saw pink elephants...

Oh wait, scratch the last one.

This stuff was smooooooth! I like it :-).


lisa said...

This stuff WAS smooth, and tasty. Alone too, I thought it was much nicer without the lime and applejuice.