Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Two for Blues Tuesday

Two Good Blues

Kate's blue eyes.

Blue skies, blue water on the river.

Two Bad Blues

Going to work tired and cranky.
Coming home from work still tired and cranky.


Imma ( Alice) said...

Hi Lisa... wonderful pictures. Great colors. What a little cutie.

My Wordless Wednesday post is up now.

Anonymous said...

my goodness..those eyes...that face...that girl is so beautiful!!!!!! Her father must be a handsome devil!!!

Anonymous said...

hmmmmm anonymous eh?

I think she gets her looks from her mother!

Beautiful photos Lisa!!

meow said...

awww lil miss kater.
i want to give her a squeeze!

lisa said...

Thanks Imma!

Hello Mr and Mrs Anonymous - you could solve the Kate cuteness factor the way you solve all other disagreements - rock, paper, scissors

but here is my two cents - sorry Todd, Will is undoubtably yours in looks and Kate is Lauras.

Me too Meow! can't wait to see you on the 17th.

vanessa said...

WOW! Such eyes, and such islands.

My sister has a thing for blue...specifically, Winsor Blue (her favorite color to paint with).

I like the blue that happens when sunshine hits fresh snow. Or Caribbean blue. Or Blue Hawaiian blue (yum).

vanessa said...

Or come to think of it, a Blue Hawaiian, as I'm in a plane above snow blue, on my way to the Caribbean.

lisa said...

V, make the reservations please.