Wednesday, December 12, 2007


It's that time of year again!
How creative can you be?
Try your hand at making some virtual snowflakes.

Click here to make a snowflake


Matt-Man said...

That's fun. And with my OCD, very addictive. Cheers Lisa!!

Kellan said...

Very cool and yours is beautiful. See you soon. Kellan

lisa said...

it is addicting matt-man, if you make a good one, come back and post the link so I can see it.

Hi Kellan, I wish I could take credit for that beautiful snowflake but I can't! it's not mine.

Julie said...

I bookmarked this and will return! Thanks!

Travis said...

That's gorgeous! We're getting plenty of rain, but so far no more snow.

Anonymous said...

Great site ... I made one!