Thursday, May 10, 2007

What number do you get?

Add the following numbers aloud.

? ? ? ?

What number did you get?
Most people get it wrong.

Try it with a group of people.

Click HERE for answer


Matt-Man said...

I almost got it wrong...I will use that on my 12 year old son who claims to know it all. Cheers!!

rzdesign said...

4100 but I am sure most say 4500.

lisa said...

Me too Matt-man. It's a great little trick to share. Happy Thursday!

Hey R, did you use a calculator, lol? everyone usually guesses 5000. Welcome back from the city!

rzdesign said...

no. i use fingers for 1 - 10, toes 11 -20, privates for 21 and then I got to hairs!

Kate said...

oh i missed it by 100. glad it's not my money i'm counting.

lisa said...

R, don't be talking bout your privates now!

Hi Kate, it's a trickly little thing. glad you are bloggin again!

Travis said...

It's 4100. I guess it surprises me how easily people can forget the rules of addition just by looking at the way the column of numbers is arranged.

lisa said...

Hi Trav, it's funny how such easy addition could get ya.

Just T said...

oh bugga! I got sucked in and said 5000. It wasn't until I saw the answer then back tracked and realised. Funny how the mind works!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I said 5000 too...Duhhh. I am no longer going to play these little brain teasers!!! I know I are smart!!!! I am going to play that tickle thing...I is really good at that! I'm glad!

lisa said...

Hi Tina, it is funny how the mind works!

Anon, you must stop playing the tickle game so much! It's not healthy. What would your mother say?