Sunday, March 12, 2006

A dog is man's best friend.

They can also serve a purpose during an intense basketball game.
If your favorite team player is on the line to make some crunch freethrows and it is too painful to watch:
1. pick up dog
2. hold dog in front of your face
3. when the crowd cheers or groans, put dog back down.
4. repeat as needed.

(this works best with a small dog)

It was an exciting four days of basketball watching in our house as S.U. won the Big East Championship.


Kate said...

Three cheers for your team! I bet you had a blast watching them win.
Your doggy is so ooochee cooochee cute! Is that a Cockapoo or a Shih Tzu?

rzdesign said...

It is a Bailey!

Looks like I am gonna have to get my driver's hat oout again and fire up the band wagon!

Anonymous said...

I put Bailey into my backpack and left with him.

You're never getting him back.


Rrramone said...

that made me laugh out loud.

meow said...

dad: ahh! basketball! *picks up dog*

bailey: *looks toward pantry* Meaty bones?