Tuesday, March 07, 2006

My how times change

When I was a teenager and got into trouble,
I was told "Go to your room".
Which I always did.
With a resounding SLAM of my door.
(although one slam too many resulted in my door being taken off the hinges for two weeks - that was not fun.)

My kids are not getting it so easy. When they are in trouble they will not be going to their rooms. I know what's what. They will be banned from their rooms.

Starting now. Today.

After a "discussion" with one of the boyz, I heard myself saying the words "You are sooo grounded from your room"!

The look on his face said it all.

It's good to change with the times.


mace said...

How bizarre is that. I remember being okay with going to my room because I could doodle and daydream. Now kids don't HAVE to do that anymore!

meow said...

i never liked being sent to my room.
but it wasn't because i hated my room!
it was because i hated that i was being punished.

i think the boys hate it too, they probably just hide it better.

lisa said...

Mace - I used to like to go to my room and read. If I doodled it was on my etch a sketch or spirograph.

Meow - Yeah you hated being punished!
remember the time you crawled out your window? which was no easy task as it was a small basement window, under the deck. I don't send the boys to the room for their own safety. I could just see them going off the roof! :-)

Rrramone said...

You're such a hip mom!!

lisa said...

Thanks rrr!