Monday, March 13, 2006

Things I saw today in Palo Alto, CA that I will not see in Syracuse, NY.

1. Outdoor Hallways. The buildings at Stanford University have lovely outdoor hallways. Classrooms are attached to these hallways. How nice not to have to worry about 6 feet of snow piling up outside the door during class.

2. Outdoor lockers. Along the same line as the outdoor hallways, the elementary schools have outdoor lockers. Yeah right. If the kids had to run outside 6 mos. of the year to go to their locker in Syracuse, well, it just wouldn't happen.

3. Meyer Lemon Trees. Mmmmmm. So colorful and fragrant and sweet. Not like our grocery store variety by any means.


chelsinator said...

SoCal (unlike syracuse/chicago/buffalo) also home to outdoor shopping malls and implanted growths that purport to be naturally occurring. what? i'm talking about the imported palm trees. what were you thinking :0

meow said...

i'll go to grad school in cali if you do.
love, jenna

rzdesign said...

Mmmm! Meyer Lemons!

lisa said...

Chelsea - there were palm trees all over the Stanford campus!

Meow - NO!

R - I think they are in the key lime family. Another tasty treat!

chelsinator said...

Yeah, the palm trees all over Southern Cali are non-native, because, well, it's a desert. But they're good at watering things over's all pretty beautiful, huh.

Meow - YES! ;p

Anonymous said...

i like your hallway picture, it seems infinite

wow chase is the man

Rrramone said...

This is for you: