Tuesday, April 25, 2006

A Birthday Party!

It's April 25th.
It's my birthday.
I am the one in the yellow dress.
The one who is checking out the presents.

Put on your party clothes.
Get yourself a cool party hat.
And let's celebrate.

Want a cupcake?


Anonymous said...

hey Happy Happy Birthday!!!!!
I am so jealous that you got to wear that smart looking party hat. Where is your Tiara? You should be treated like a princess all day long. All year really!

Go enjoy your day and make the sun shine where you walk!

love ya Barb D

rzdesign said...

I love cupcakes and will treat you to one at the Magnolia Bakery next tim ein New York!

I think a halo is more in line!

The Tart said...


May all your dreams come true!

Big b-day smooch,
The Tart
; )

mace said...

Happy birthday, Lisa! You sweet thing you!

I have tried and tried to avoid the comment, but I'm so sorry, I just can't - the balloons. The one long and the two small globular ones. The balloons. I can't help it. THE BALLOONS!!!

Anonymous said...

yea Lisa .. whats up with the balloons.. typical 6 year old party.. RRRRRighttt...

rzdesign said...

YIKES! How did I miss that!

Whassup little six year old girl?!

lisa said...

What's up with Winnie? That's what I say. She's the one that hung (hehe) them!

Anonymous said...

Winnie ...weenie... maybe she got them confused!
I say call Winnie out on her weenie balloons!

rzdesign said...

Winnie, weenie! Winnie, weenie!

I am chuckling to muself! good call anon!

lisa said...

Maybe she had my dad on her mind!
His name was Dick.