Friday, April 07, 2006

One day down, one day to go....

Did I mention that I was traveling with 3 teenage men?
Yep, 3 teenage men in the back seat of a van.
Did I mention they are TALL teenage men?
6' 3", 6' 3" and 6' 4".
Did I mention they are TALL teenage men with HUGE feet?
Size 14.
Those tall teenage men FEET end up on either side of my front seat.
And those 3 tall teenage men?
They eat nonstop.
If it is not nailed down, they eat it.
And then? Well, what happens when 3 teenage men eat alot?
Sometimes, (most times), they might develop some gas.
3 tall teenage men with big feet on either side of me and GAS.
In a car for 12 hours.
One day down.
One day to go.
Hellooooo beach!


meow said...

memories in the making.


The Tart said...

My heart beat STILL. Did U say TALL? ; )

Now bout that other stuff, no no no!

The Tart

BTW... LOL over here! Do they still make Beano?