Sunday, April 23, 2006

Want to go for a walk?

I had my niece and nephew over on Friday.
We spent the afternoon making stuff and playing, and then went for a long walk.

I say a long walk because it took a 1/2 hour to cover the distance it would usually take me 5 minutes to walk.

It was a walk of exploration and I got to see and experience some new things.

Drainage ditches. I never knew just how interesting these are.
There is a lot you can do at drainage ditches.
Clean the garbage out.
Drop rocks down the grate.
Drop grass down the grate.
See if there is anything COOL down there.
Maybe monsters?
And even though there were three on our walk
and in my eye, they all looked alike, nope,
they were all different and worthy of a full exploration.

Then there was the dog walking.
4 year old dog walking.
Pull, yank, stop, run.
Pull, yank, stop, run.
Pull, yank, stop, run.
As you can see, Bailey was exhausted by the end of our walk.

And talking.
Walks are a good time to talk.
About everything.
and anything.
I learned that to this particular 4 year old boy, girls are yucky.
Except me (thank God)
and his mom (of course)
but not Jenna (sorry Jenna)
because Jenna tickles him WAY too much. Geesh.

There is nothing like a 4 year old perspective on life to make you laugh.

And there is nothing like a Kate baby to make you smile.

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