Monday, April 03, 2006

I learned a new game!

First of all let me say Chicago and Coldplay was wonderful!
A great concert.
A much needed fun weekend.
One for the memory books.

While staying at Richard's I learned a new game.
It's called "Take something from your host, mail it back to them and see if they missed it!"
Being a novice at this stealing thing, I was rather obvious at times when attempting the "steal".
And my accomplice was a bit of a novice as well.
So our host was ever watchful.

BUT, I did manage to walk away with three things.
(yeah, I liked the idea of taking NUMEROUS items).
And I changed the rules of the game a little.
Now it is "Take something from your host and post it to your blog."

Here are items one and two.
(To our host's credit, he found these two missing right away.)

Item One - Prickles the Hedgehog
Or as Richard refers to him, his car pet.
Now my car pet. (For a little while)

Item Two - Stone Crab Fetish
Brought back from Australia
Meaning: It has none, damn it!
(Oops, maybe not a good one to "steal")

Item three: Not found missing yet so no picture will be posted.
Instead, some clues for the host.

It is NOT a slinky.
It is smaller than a breadbox.
It came out around 1950.


rzdesign said...

Lisa and Karen, well mostly Karen, also learned the game called Sticky Cheek! You suck on a sucker and when the other person is not expecting it, and why would they, you slap the sticky wet sucker on their cheek and declare "STICKY CHEEK!"

rzdesign said...

I do not know the where you found your meaning, but the fetish you borrowed is a crab NOT the porcupine. So check for meaning accuracy and post!

rzdesign said...

Is it something from my office shelf? It does look like something is missing and I see my slug has been moved to the front where I am certain there was something else!

lisa said...


Your slug was moved to the front because that is where it belongs.

No, it is not from your office shelf.

mace said...

I love the harmless clepto side of you! It's cool, and dangerous! Rrawrh!